The Vampire Diaries 5.09 & 5.10 Episode Stills

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I’ve added 7 episode stills from 5.09 The Cell and 3 from 5.10 Fifty Shades Of Grayson to the gallery.

thumb_TheVampireDiaries_EpisodeStills_Season5_5x09_TheCell_0002.jpg  thumb_TheVampireDiaries_EpisodeStills_Season5_5x09_TheCell_0003.jpg thumb_TheVampireDiaries_EpisodeStills_Season5_5x09_TheCell_0005.jpg thumb_TheVampireDiaries_EpisodeStills_Season5_5x10_FiftyShadesOfGrayson_0001.jpg

Hiatus Until The 28th

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I’ve been away since Wednesday and will until some time late on the 27th of this month, and while I do have access to a computer and an internet connection, neither is mine and both are painfully slow.

I won’t be able to watch TVD or much less cap & post TVD caps again until after I get home, and because I try to avoid the kind of spoilerage you get once episodes have aired but that I haven’t seen that for the duration… not sure I’ll be updating much for the next two weeks.

I’ll try to do new season 5 episode stills updates and such though :)

The Vampire Diaries 5.6: “Handle With Care” Review

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Critical Myth reviewed The Vampire Diaries episode 5.06 Handle With Care:

Contributor: John Keegan

Written by Caroline Dries and Holly Brix
Directed by Jeffrey Hunt


Plot threads are finally gaining the usual momentum as Katherine discovers that being human and mortal doesn’t mean the usual rules apply, and the majority of the characters finally get a clear set of motivations.  It’s still not hitting the heights that some of the earlier seasons were known for, but all things being equal, at least we have some idea where all of this is going!

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The Vampire Diaries 5.06 Handle With Care Screencaps

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Screencaps from 5.06 Handle With Care are up. Sorted, logoless.

The usual rules apply – credit, don’t hotlink, don’t ask for zips/rars! 

Gallery: Home > Season 5 > Screencaps > 5.06 Handle With Care

The Vampire Diaries 5.06 Handle With Care Song List

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Here’s the list of songs used in the episode, courtesy of Chris Mollere:

1. Sleigh Bells “Bitter Rivals”
2. Tame Impala “Elephant”
3. Wild Belle “Shine In The Sun”
4. The Delta Riggs “Stars”
5. Queens Of The Stone Age “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”
6. Fitz & The Tantrums “The Walker”
7. Fitz & The Tantrums “Spark”
8. Dum Dum Girls “Coming Down”

Nina Dobrev Talks The Vampire Diaries

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Interview with Nina Dobrev of ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Nina Dobrev used to be known for her role on the popular television series “Degrassi: The Next Generation” until she recently landed a role as Elena Gilbert on The CW’s new hit show “The Vampire Diaries”.

While at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Nina talked about playing two different characters in two different time periods. While she plays Elena, she also portrays Katherine on “The Vampire Diaries”. Though there are times when Katherine appears to be a kind soul, there’s a more sinister personality that has yet to be fully revealed. Nina discussed how much fun she has playing the villainous character.

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Paul Wesley Talks The Vampire Diaries

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Interview with Paul Wesley of ‘The Vampire Diaries’. In The CW’s new hit series “The Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley plays the role of Stefan Salvatore, a vampire who struggles to live in peace with humans. He’s in love with a human by the name of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). As if it’s not difficult enough to keep himself from sinking his teeth into her neck, he’s forced to protect her from his villainous brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) who has no problem drinking blood directly from a human’s neck.

During the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Paul Wesley talked about how much he enjoys wearing fangs and getting to work with the cast on the series.

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The Vampire Diaries 5.07 Death and the Maiden Extended Preview

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